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They are READY!!!"Doing it to Death" Print, Limited Edition of 20 & 4 test prints14” x 17” inches silkscreen print on Recycled Bristol paper 96 lb 260 g Signed & Numbered, each one with a different small pencil drawing.Available at my shop: www.raudiel.bigcartel.comMy first personal prints!
Proud to announce the Album Cover collab with the amazing band @BeCalmHoncho !!! just starting a new tour! more info: http://www.BeCalmHoncho.com 
Peach fields and my finger
Just chillin 
Shipping buttons, thanks for your support! www.raudiel.bigcartel.com
Zoom… ¡Salud! Cheers!
Wild Party. Painting alterations with acrylics on a founded floral painting.

beastonaforbiddenplanet asked: Sorry I just liked 30 of your things

Thank You! :D 

New set of button pins now Available at my shop!!www.raudiel.bigcartel.com
El Conejo de la Luna / The Rabbit in the MoonAcrylic on Cold Press paper