This is about my artwork, living process
& sometimes pics. that I like

For commissions & art shows info: raudiel@gmail.com / www.raudiels.com

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Acrylic & Ink
New limited edition poster for Be Calm Honcho !!!
#honchodreams Backside vinyl album art I did for Be Calm Honcho now available at Feedbands !!! www.feedbands.com
Bat in Agony, black or white t-shirtNow Available at my Store!!!http://raudiel.bigcartel.com/
CholitaAcrylic on wood
Cholita Process
Dragon SnapBack, now available at my shop!!!www.raudiel.bigcartel.com
New button set now available at my store!!!www.raudiel.bigcartel.com
Sparrow Totes now available at my SHOP!https://raudiel.bigcartel.com
Cutting few vinyl stickers, they will for sale soon, always a couple free on any order at my store, www.raudiel.bigcartel.com